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Small Business




Senior and Empty Nest Down Sizing

Virtual Organizing  (New!)


Preparing For A Move


Getting Settled After A Move


Creating Space For You And What You Love Doing


Facilitating Any Reorganization Due To Life Changes.



I can offer you assistance with the following:


  • Purging, sorting, filing, and storing

  • Establishing systems to help with the flow of tasks and paperwork

  • Placing and displaying items so they can be used and enjoyed

  • Planning and research to find the solutions that work best for you


What is to love about Virtual Organizing with me?


  • I can help you no matter how far apart we are.

  • No waiting! We can start where you are right now

  • Freedom to choose the length of your session.

Start Simplifying Your Life Today


Give me a call so we can get started on that corner, surface, or room that is bothering you the most. I will meet you at your home or business for an initial two-hour on-site assessment. Scheduling your assessment will get you started on organizing the area in your home or office that you really want to tackle.


The first part of the assessment includes discussing the project as we examine the areas you most want to work on. I will propose a plan of action, the process, and what you can expect during your organizing session. We can discuss your package pricing options for making your life simplified. If time allows, we will do some hands on organizing.

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